Good coffee, good food, warm welcome

About Us 

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Hello and welcome to Coffeesmith! Rob & Sarah live locally with their young children (and various pets). Rob has worked in the hospitality industry for many years in Somerset, Cornwall, London and Oxfordshire & Sarah has accompanied him on many adventures around the world in search of the best coffee, wine and most of all, hospitality experiences! From a mad Juice Bar Odyssey in New York, to a Bolivian restaurant on the Old Kent Road; from eating far too many Cardamom buns in Southern Sweden to digging a fire pit in the back garden to cook an entire leg of beef, there have been many places & experiences that have shaped our attitude to food and hospitality along the way.

Coffeesmith, The Rookery & The Smith were born out of a simple, selfish desire to drink really good coffee and have an independent, characterful environment in which to do so.  Lots of elements in the shops are personal to us-like the 'Iff' or wine bottle drying rack we found in a junk yard in France, or the Egyptian Revival tapestry we found at an antiques fair- most things have a story behind them. They aren't meaningless props, because we are a local independent business, not a corporate chain. We love to discover new products and many of our suppliers are local.